Surge Protection

Your home's appliances and electronic devices are essential for your day-to-day life. However, these devices are vulnerable to damage from exposure to electrical surges when left unprotected. Overvoltage conditions can create surges that can be devastating to your home's electronics, resulting in costly efforts to replace your damaged property. In the best interest of its members, Lake Region Electric Cooperative offers surge protection devices that members can use to protect their home's sensitive appliances and electronics from damaging voltage disturbances.

For this purpose, LREC sells and installs Tesco brand TES 240 MSA ("Meter Socket Adaptor") Surge Arresters. These devices are installed behind a home's electric meter to protect from surges from line overvoltage conditions. Once higher than normal voltage is detected, this device will "clamp" the voltage, restricting the flow of electricity in order to protect your home from a spike in power.

Each surge protector comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty that offers to replace the surge protector and covered household devices that were damaged in the event of the surge protector's 

Q. What is a power surge?
A power surge is when the voltage increases above the normal flow of electricity through your home.
Q. What causes a power surge?
The most common cause of power surges is lightning strikes. But, surges can also be caused by birds, animals, and trees interfering with power lines, auto accidents involving utility poles, or appliances cycling on and off in your home.
Q. What can LREC offer to help with power surges?
LREC can install a surge suppressor in the meter base to help stop indirect surges which could damage or destroy household wiring or large motor-driven appliances such as air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
Q. How can I sign up for the surge protection program?
Download and complete the contract PDF under Documents, and then complete and upload the form below.
Q. Is there a charge for the surge protection?
A one-time installation fee of $30.00, plus a monthly fee of $5.00 plus tax will be added to your electric bill.
Q. Is there a penalty if I have the surge protection removed?
If you close your account or request us to remove the surge protection before the 36 consecutive months have passed, You will have an early termination penalty on your next bill for the remaining balance of the 36-month lease agreement.
Q. Will the meter-based surge protection protect my home from a direct lightning strike?
No, Nothing can protect your home from a direct lightning strike, but the odds of a direct hit are low.
Q. Will the meter-based surge protection protect all my appliances?
No, not by itself. Surges can enter your home by phone line, satellite cables, or electrical lines. The meter-base surge suppressor offers protection from surges through the LREC meter electrical line. A surge can cause damage to your sensitive equipment such as computers or home theater systems. We recommend that additional plug-in devices or power strips be used as a “second” line of defense.
Q. Do I have to be home when the surge protection is installed? will my power be interrupted?
No, you do not have to be at home for the installation. Yes, generally the power will be off for less than 15 minutes during the installation behind the electric meter.
Q. How do I know if the surge protection is working?
The meter-based protection has an indicator light that lets you know it is functioning properly. If the light is not illuminated, call us at 918-772-2526 to repair or replace the surge protection as part of the service coverage.
Q. What if the surge protection fails to protect my appliances?
Contact Juanita Keener at 918-772-6940. If our surge protector fails because of a power surge and your appliance is damaged by the power surge, LREC will start a claim to reimburse you at fair market value.


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