New LREC/LRTC Headquarters 

LREC has announced plans to construct a new headquarters for LREC & subsidiary LRTC here on the same property as the existing offices. The plans for the new building are completed, and construction of the new building is anticipated to begin in September 2023.

Our existing building, constructed in 1969 and added on once in 1997, has served this cooperative well; however, due to the growth we have experienced over the past years, both electric cooperative members, fiber customers, and employees, it is no longer large enough to effectively serve as the headquarters for LREC.

We will continue to update this information as more progress is made on the new headquarters.


Front of new LREC building - [view image in full window]

Back of new LREC building - [view image in full window]





Why is a new headquarters needed?

LREC & LRTC has outgrown its current offices. The decision comes in response to the need for additional space, and our employees need more room. We have multiple employees sharing office space and a call center overflowing, and now is the time to make the expansion and add functionality that will benefit the employees with a better work environment and, in return, benefit customer service, in-person member interactions with co-op, and fiber tech support. We are also seeing a steady increase in our electric members and fiber internet subscribers. Our current space is inadequate to meet the future needs of our membership.

What were the reasons behind the decision to construct a new building?

The LREC board’s decision to construct a new building was based on several concerns:

  1. The need for a safe and secure environment for employees as well as members.
  2. The growth of the cooperative has resulted in outgrowing the building, which has been added onto since it was originally built in 1969.
  3. The need for improved functionality for both members and employees.
  4. Current and future needs for collaboration spaces and technology.



Will I still be able to visit the office to pay my bill or take care of business?

Yes.  You can still pay your bill in person at 516 S Lake Region Rd. We may be limited on member parking at our front lobby until we set up a new parking lot. You can always pay your bill online via our SmartHub app or phone. 

Will I be able to use the drive-thru during construction?

Yes, our drive-thru lane is still open to the public and will remain open during all the building construction. 

Who was selected as the contractor?

After months of studying and vetting the multiple options and proposals, the Board selected a local general contractor, Cowen Construction, to manage the project with Davies Architects.

When will construction begin?

Construction has already begun on the warehouse expansion, starting Sept 2023 for the new headquarters building. The project is expected to be completed by spring of 2025.  Lake Region will continually update the progress on this page, social media, and mailings if necessary. 

How long will the construction take?

The project is expected to be completed by spring of 2025.

Was this voted on at the Annual Meeting?

No. The membership votes on the board of directors and bylaw additions or amendments at the annual meeting. Your elected board members are then tasked with making these types of decisions for the good of the cooperative. 

Will I be able to get more information about the new Lake Region Building?

Yes. Along with this page on the LREC website, details about the new building as they become available will be provided in many ways – this includes articles in the PowerLine Press newsletter and our social media. You are also welcome to contact LREC directly by phone at 918-772-2526 or fill out our online form if you have a specific question. We will do our best to ensure that you are kept informed.