Diverse Fuels


Ensure reliable, economical power supply

Your electricity is produced using a mix of fuels and technologies: coal, natural gas, hydropower, wind, and energy efficiency. This allows for flexibility while providing reliable and affordable electricity.

Associated Electric Cooperative (Our wholesale power supplier) is part of a three-tiered system united by the common purpose of serving electric cooperative members with affordable and reliable electricity. Associated is owned by six generation and transmission cooperatives (G&Ts) that formed it in 1961 to provide them a wholesale power supply. These six G&Ts are owned by 51 distribution cooperatives in Missouri, southeast Iowa, and northeast Oklahoma. These local electric cooperatives are owned by more than 910,000 member-consumers.

Coal Facility Natural Gas
Coal | 2,353 MW capacity Natural Gas | 2,753 MW capacity
Wind Generation from Turbines Hydroelectric
 Wind Generation | 1,240 MW capacity Hydroelectric | 478 MW capacity


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