Connecting Solar/Wind System

Lake Region wants to assist cooperative members interested in owning and installing a renewable generation system. If you’re a member of Lake Region Electric Cooperative and are interested in interconnected solar or wind generation, please call us in advance at 918-772-2526 or send an e-mail to for complete information.

Things you need to know:

  1. There are rules concerning proper equipment, safety, liability, and metering. Please contact us before you start your project to be sure your plans comply, and your project goes smoothly. 
  2. Review LREC’s guidelines below that will help you navigate the interconnection process. 
  3. Discuss your project with our staff for general information or specific needs. We applaud our members who are working to conserve energy and who support renewable energy. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Member's Initial Requirements:


  • The member must meet all the Cooperative’s membership and service requirements in addition to the requirements in the guidelines.
  • Anyone owning and/or operating a Parallel Distributed Generation (DG) facility or facilities served by the Cooperative must notify the cooperative of the existence, location, and category of the facility.

Service Request

  • In advance of requested interconnection, the Member must contact the Cooperative and complete the “Cooperative Application for DG Interconnection and Parallel Operation.”
  • Qualifying Facility (QF) will always be considered for connection by the Cooperative. Non Qualifying Facility (NQF) may be considered for connection at the sole discretion of the Cooperative and its Power Supplier.
  • Submit an application form. 
  • A separate form must be submitted for each facility and each location.

Submit a DG Plan

  • Along with the application, the Member shall submit a plan detailing the electrical design, interconnection requirements, size, and operational plans. Either at the time of submission or at any time during the review process, the Cooperative and/or its Power Supplier may require additional information and/or may require the plans to be prepared by a registered Professional Engineer in the state.
  • In the case of parallel facilities with no intention to export power to the Cooperative and/or its Power Supplier that are of standard design and intended entirely as emergency or backup power supply for the facility, the Cooperative may, at its sole discretion, waive the application fee.
  • Prior to the review of the application and DG plan by the Cooperative and its Power Supplier, the Member shall pay an application fee as indicated below. A separate fee must be submitted for each facility and location.


DG Size (Connected Load)

Application Fee Additional Engineering Fee
< 25 kW $25 As Required
> 25 kW $50 As Required



Distributed Generation Rider Distributed Generation Guideline DISTRIBUTED GENERATION APPLICATION




Once the application is complete, please upload the file and LREC will start the DG connection request. By signing your name on the form below, you agree that LREC can add the Application Fee to your electric account.  




 (Get Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pdfs above.)