LREC's Vegetation Management Program



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We understand that no one wants to lose their trees. Still, please be assured that right-of-way trimming is a necessary step Lake Region Electric Cooperative (LREC) takes to ensure greater safety for workers and the public and to ensure more reliable service for its members. Trees are one of the leading causes of unplanned service interruptions, including both sustained and momentary interruptions.

Our goal at LREC is to provide safe, reliable electricity and keep our member rates as low as possible. With the help of our members, our right-of-way program will keep our lines clear of trees and overgrown vegetation while reducing future costs to members in terms of health, finances, and time. If you have further questions, please feel free to call us at 918-772-2526 or toll-free at 800-364-LREC and ask for James Cook, right-of-way supervisor.

James Cook
Right of Way Supervisor

A graphic indicating that Single-Phase Lines need 30 feet of Clear Zone.

A graphic indicating that Three-Phase Lines need 40 feet of Clear Zone.

Why does LREC trim and remove trees?

  1. Safety: Trees are excellent conductors of electricity. When they grow into power lines or even just too close, it presents a major safety hazard. Electricity can travel through the tree and severely injure or kill individuals who may be working or playing on or near the tree.
  2. Reliability: Maintaining a proper clearance of at least 30 feet between our power lines and trees minimizes the impact trees have on your electric service. This clearance space helps prevent wind, snow, and ice from breaking tree limbs and sending them into the power lines.
  3. Affordability: By maintaining clear rights-of-way around our power lines, we prevent the need to repair and replace power lines, poles, and other equipment that may have been damaged by trees during storms. The upfront cost to our vegetation management program is outweighed by the significant savings from reduced outages and equipment maintenance. 


How can you help? Tips for planting trees:

  1. Never Plant Trees under a power line. These will have to be removed. 
  2. Don’t plant any vegetation around LREC ground equipment, such as poles, transformers, or junction boxes.
  3. Smaller trees need to be planted at least 25 ft. away from power lines.
  4. Medium trees need to be planted at least 35 ft. away from power lines.
  5. Large trees need to be planted at least 45 ft. away from power lines.
  6. Trees planted too close to the power lines will always be misshapen by unavoidable pruning of limbs to prevent interference with power lines.
  7. Call 811 before you dig to locate any buried utility lines.
  8. Report any trees growing into power lines or other LREC equipment immediately to 918-772-2526.
  9. Never trim these trees yourself.



Request Tree Work

Trees growing near power lines or electrical equipment may need to be pruned or removed to prevent service interruptions and maintain safety. If you notice a tree with branches growing close to - or touching - power lines, please complete the following form and submit it online. We do not trim trees past the electric meter. 

If you would like to meet with one of our employees to discuss what needs to be done, or if you have any specific instructions or concerns (ex: septic lines), please leave remarks here.

Submit Tree Work Request



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