Security Lights

LED Security Lighting Security lights for homes, farms, and business let you look on the bright side with safety and convenience. 

That's because you're adding protection for your family and property by removing dark shadowed areas from your premises.

Security lights are one of the safest, smartest, most convenient, and most affordable forms of home and property protection available.

And they give you and your family greater peace of mind. So why not look on the bright side today?


  1. LREC will furnish and maintain a 100-watt photo electrically operated pole light.  LREC will install the light at a location designated by the member, not to exceed 100 feet from LREC’S secondary line. The light will be connected ahead of the meter so that LREC will furnish all power during the operation of the light.
  2. LREC will perform any repairs of said light in a timely manner upon notification by the member.
  3. If it is necessary to set a pole in order to place the light where the Member requests.  If additional poles and facilities are required, the Member shall make a contribution equal to the cost of material and labor for the necessary facilities. 
  4. Members requiring service from an existing primary line will be charged an additional $35.00  for installing a transformer to provide secondary service.
  5. The member shall pay $10.60 per light per month, or such rate as may be established from time to time, which will be added to his or her monthly electric bill for service.
  6. If the light is stolen or damaged by an act except of God, the said member is to pay LREC the price of a new light.
  7. This agreement is binding upon the said member and LREC for a period of 3 years and may be extended by mutual consent from year to year.
  8. If this contract is canceled by the member before the 3-year term, a cancellation fee of the monthly rate times the number of months remaining in the contract will apply.       

Security Lighting prices






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