New Electric Service

(includes new service on existing poles)

1. Physical (911) Address
(Can be obtained from the 911 office at the following counties)
Wagoner: (918) 485-7727 |  Cherokee: (918) 458-6513 |  Mayes: (918) 824-1875
Adair: (918) 669-4019 |  Rogers: (918) 579-9460  
Muskogee: (918) 682-6911|  Delaware: (918) 253-9111

2. Wagoner County: Building permit required.
Metropolitan Planning Commission, 
306 E Cherokee 485-8123
2. Cherokee County: Floodplain permit required
(inside city of Tahlequah building permit required)
County Clerk's Office Room 200, 
213 W Delaware 456-3171


3.Easement from the applicant for their property and if needed, easement(s) for any other property that the power line will cross. Must be completed and include a legal description if owned jointly, both parties must sign (example: husband and wife). Must be notarized. (How to correctly complete your easement)

4. Application for service with $5.00 membership fee, $35.00 application fee and deposit as follows:

$150 Barn/Boat Dock
$300 House/Mobile Home
$300 Commercial (Oil well, commercial barn, small business)
or Pay-As-You-Go prepaid service 

Type of Service:

Type of Dwelling:
Mobile Home
Oil Well
Boat Dock

5. Electrical Site Survey (Click here to download and print survey)

6. Breaker box required for mobile homes (including travel trailers), boat docks, and oil wells. Delivered to nearest LREC office and pay $25 installation fee at the time of application.

Breaker Box Requirements (Weatherproof --- will be installed on pole)

Requirements for Underground Electric Service

100 AMP Service:
Breaker box with 100 amp breaker
2-inch hub
6-inch nipple, 2-inch diameter
2 lock nuts, 2-inch diameter
1 bushing, 2.\ inch diameter

200 Amp Service:
Breaker box with 200 amp breaker
2.5-inch hub
6-inch nipple, 2.5-inch diameter
2 lock nuts, 2.5-inch diameter
1 bushing, 2.5-inch diameter

7. Appointment with staking engineer: You must provide a phone number where LREC can contact you. 

Important: Please provide a copy of the deed to the property or a legal survey of the property to help expedite the easement creation process. Please have this documentation ready. You can turn this is in with the staking engineer, or you can email it to our easement department at  

The staking engineer will contact the applicant and visit the site to determine the location of the service, the need for any additional easements and the amount of any construction cost that must be paid by the applicant to build the service.

8. Water and sewer must be in place if permanent residence.

9. Easement from neighbors for their property, if applicable.

10. Construction cost must be paid in advance of actual construction.

Construction of a new service will be scheduled after all the above items have been completed.

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