New Electric Service

Checklist for New Electric Service (includes new service on existing poles)

1. Physical (911) Address
(Can be obtained from the 911 office in the following counties)

Wagoner: (918) 485-7767 |  Cherokee: (918) 458-6513 |  Mayes: (918) 824-1875
Adair: (918) 669-4019 |  Rogers: (918) 579-9460  
Muskogee: (918) 682-6911 |  Delaware: (918) 253-9111

2. Wagoner County: Building permit required.
Metropolitan Planning Commission, 
202 N Casaver Ave, Wagoner OK 

(918) 485-8123

2. Cherokee County: Floodplain permit required.

If you are located inside the city limits of Tahlequah, you can obtain your floodplain permit from City Hall at 111 S Cherokee Ave, Tahlequah, OK | Stormwater Manager's office | 918-456-0651

Outside of city limits, you can obtain your floodplain permit at
County Clerk's Office Room 202, 213 W Delaware, Tahlequah, OK | 918 -456-3171




3. Property Deed (Warranty, Quit Claim, etc.) and/or a legal survey of the property. If you do not have a copy, you can obtain one at the County Clerk’s office. If you cannot provide a document with the legal description of the property, a $75.00 fee will be assessed.

Important: You can deliver a copy of the document with the legal description of the property to any LREC office, to the Staking Engineer at the time of the appointment (item 7 below), or you can create a digital image of the document and email it to our easement department at If you email, please provide the name of the applicant and a phone number in the body or subject line of the email. 

Copies of deeds can be acquired at the following County Clerk’s offices:

Adair County Clerk
P.O. Box 169, Stilwell, OK 74960
(918) 696-7198

Cherokee County Clerk
213 W. Delaware, Rm 200, Tahlequah, OK 74464
(918) 456-3171

Delaware County Clerk
327 South 5th St. Jay, OK 74346
(918) 253-4520

Mayes County Clerk
1 Court Pl. Ste. 120, Pryor, OK 74361-1012
(918) 825-2426

Muskogee County Clerk
P.O. Box 1008, Muskogee, OK 74402
(918) 682-7781

Wagoner County Clerk
307 E. Cherokee St., Wagoner, OK 74467
(918) 485-2216

Sequoyah County Clerk
120 E. Chickasaw, Sallisaw, OK 74955
(918) 775-4516


 (How to correctly complete your easement)

4. Application for service with $5.00 membership fee, $35.00 application fee and deposit as follows:

$150 Barn/Boat Dock
$300 House/Mobile Home
$300 Commercial (oil well, commercial barn, small business)

Prepaid service is also available, with no deposit required. 

5. The Electrical Site Survey is to be filled out by an electrician.  (Download and print survey)

6. To qualify for the $2,500.00 line extension credit, the service must qualify as a permanent residence.  A permanent residence is defined to mean a residential dwelling containing complete kitchen facilities, an immediately accessible water source, an Oklahoma State Health Department accepted sewage facility and occupancy of the dwelling on a permanent year-round basis.  Not included in the term permanent residence are motels, rooming houses, weekend cabins or second homes, and mobile homes with no reliable support or attachment to the earth.  The Cooperative may require water, sewage facilities, as well as a permanent foundation in place prior to construction of distribution lines.   

Notice:  As of July 1st 2016, there is NO LONGER a free line extension of 300 feet.  This was replaced by the $2,500.00 line extension credit.

7. Appointment with Staking Engineer:  You must provide a phone number on the application where the applicant can be reached.  The Staking Engineer will contact the applicant and set an appointment to visit the site to determine the location of the service.  They will discuss the need for additional easements if necessary, and possible cost of service.

8. Easement from the applicant for their own property, and if needed, easement(s) for any other property that the power line will cross.  Must be fully completed and include a legal description.  If owned jointly, both parties must sign (example: husband and wife).  The easement must also be notarized.  Easement(s):  All easements from the landowner and from the neighbor(s) for their property, if applicable, must be turned in before the job is released to construction.

9. Construction costs must be paid in advance of actual construction.

Construction of a new service will be scheduled after ALL of the above items have been completed.

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