Automatic Bank Draft

You may never have to write a check for your bill again Someone Writing a Check

No more hassles of check writing, finding a postage stamp, or worrying if your payment will reach us on time. When you are out of town, on a business trip or on vacation, your electric bill will be taken care of.

$10 bill credit on the first bill after enrolling in auto bank draft 

Advance notice of payment

We offer four different payment cycles in each month.  You can choose the billing and payment cycle that better fits your needs. You will receive an invoice each month, then you will have 20 days to contact our office if you have any questions. Electronic transfers are made on your choice of one the four payment cycles offered.

Proof of Payment

The amount deducted for your payment will be shown on your monthly statement.

Reliable and Consistent Service

Even when you are out of town your electric bill and/or fiber bill will be automatically paid. You won't have to worry about your payment getting lost or delayed in the mail.


This service is free of charge. To sign up, just fill out the authorization forms below.



Banking Info

Bank Address


Download Bank Draft Form 


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