ViaSat Satellite Internet

We recommend picking the plan that fits your video viewing habits and budget.

  • Bronze 12:  Good for people who mostly tend to stream videos on their phone or tablet; smaller households that don't use many connected devices.
  • Silver 25:  Good if you're OK watching shows in standard (DVD) definition.  Looks good on laptops, phones, tablets, small TVs, and may be acceptable on larger TVs.
  • Gold 30:  Good for streamers who watch video on bigger TVs and want the best quality; families with many connected devices.
  • Free Installation & equipment with 24-month contract or $99 upfront with a 12-month contract. (Must own home or pass credit check) Speeds are “up to” and not guaranteed.
  • On the Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans, after 40, 60, or 100 GB of priority data usage, respectively, we may prioritize your data behind other customers during network peak congestion. You can always upgrade to another available plan if the plan you're on isn't enough. 
  • Click Here: Frequently Asked Questions

Bronze 12


12 Mbps

UP TO 12 Mbps Download Speed

Unlimited Data 40

Video Streaming

at Small Screen Quality
Optimized for 360p

Includes: Built-in WiFI

$ 80 .00 /mo

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Silver 25


25 Mbps

UP TO 25 Mbps Download Speed

Unlimited Data 60

Video Streaming

at DVD Quality
Optimized for 480p

Includes: Built-In WiFi

$ 110 .00 /mo

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Gold 30


30 Mbps

UP TO 30 Mbps Download Speed

Unlimited Data 100

Video Streaming

at HD Quality
Optimized for 720p

Includes: Built-In WiFi

$ 150 .00 /mo

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Required extended warranty plan included - $8.00 per month

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