Outage Update

5/19/17 6:30 PM - 

We have had multiple construction crews working in the Coweta, Porter, and Peggs areas since very early this morning. There have been several broken poles that our crews have been trying to get replaced so that we can get the wires back in the air and power turned back on. The continued thunderstorms moving through these areas all day long have made the working conditions very difficult, which means it is taking longer than it normally would get the job done. However, we are working as fast as we can to get the power back on. It is difficult to give accurate restoration times, particularly when the weather won’t settle down, but we can tell you that we will have the power back on in these areas by sundown tomorrow. Thank you for your continued support and patience in this matter.

Click here to view our live outage map:

5/19/17 2:00 PM -

Additional weather will move through LREC's service area and may hamper restoration efforts and caused additional outages. We understand the inconvenience this can cause. We share your interest in getting these outages resolved as soon as possible and are doing all we can to get your service restored. 

Please report power outages by calling 918-772-2526 or 1-800-364-5732 or report via LREC's SmartHub without calling in:

1. Register or download the free SmartHub app.
2. Once you have registered, click on the quick link “Report An Outage.” (If you are using the Smarthub app, click on “Service Status” to report an outage.


5/19/17 9:00 AM - 

The damage path from the storm event Thursday evening traveled from southwest to northeast across our system. Most of the damage was from trees causing outages and broken poles.

We are reporting broken poles on Spring Hill Rd west of Porter, Baker Rd east of Porter by Van Lake. Robins Roost east of Okay and broken poles near Spring Valley Fire Department west of Lost City. We estimate we have 6 - 10 broken poles scattered through the path of the storm.

The storm hit Whitehorn Cove and Peggs area the hardest. We are receiving reports of broken poles and trees uprooted. Power lines are down in these areas. Please stay away from downed power lines.

LREC has crews, and contractors, working in all outage areas affected. Thank you for your patience as we are continuing to work to get power restored for all of our members.

Click here to view our live outage map: