Marathon Water Heaters

Turn It On. Leave It On. For Good.Mabel's Outlived Nine Presidents, Eight Dogs and Twenty-Seven Cats...  But She'll Always Have Her Marathon

As part of our continuing efforts to provide quality products and services, Lake Region Electric can provide members and non-members with the best electric water heater on the market today.

The Marathon electric water heater is a seamless polybutylene plastic tank, guaranteed not to leak or rust for as long as you own your home. Marathon water heaters are heavily insulated with a unique, trademarked "Envirofoam" insulation, making it incredibly energy efficient.

The exterior jacket of the Marathon is high impact plastic, which resists dents, scratches, rust and corrosion.

Model Cost with tax
MR40245 - Forty Gallon with two 4500 watt elements $888.26
MR50245 - Fifty Gallon with two 4500 watt elements $932.39
MHD75245 - Seventy-five gallon with two 4500 watt elements $1,172.96
MHD85245 - Eighty-five gallon with two 4500 watt elements $1,269.76
MHD105245 - One Hundred-Five gallon w two 4500 watt elements $1,423.50


For more information or to purchase a Marathon electric water heater please contact us at 918-772-2526

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