Annual Meeting and Elections 2019

This year the weather was perfect for an outdoor event.  A total of 1,172 members attended this year’s annual meeting.  The total number of people attending the meeting was estimated to be 5,000, including the family members of the LREC members.

Four candidates were running for the three open trustee positions.  The top three candidates are elected to the board.  The election results are as follows:

Randall Shankle         940     

James Walls                866     

Gary Cooper               784

Buddy Spradlin          385

Randall Shankle, James Walls, and Gary Cooper were elected to the board.  The officers of the board are as follows: Scott Manes, President; Lynn Lamons, Vice President; Randall Shankle, Secretary/Treasurer; and Jack Teague as Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

This annual event brings a lot of people to Hulbert every year. A total of over $5,000 in the form of cash and prizes was given away.  The grand prize of $1,000 cash was won by Richard J. Noll of Tahlequah. The first prize of $500 was won by Bonnie Kyle of Hulbert and the second prize of $250 was won by Eugene Adair of Hulbert.

The prize for the oldest gentleman attending the Annual meeting went to Hoy Anderson of Locust Grove who is 97 years old.  The oldest Lady attending went to Bertha Steeley of Hulbert who is 93 years young.  The youngest boy attending was Wade Craig who was 25 days old, son of Andrea Steeley Craig of Hulbert and the youngest girl attending was Arya Stogsdill, three months old, daughter, of Stefanie & Jonathan Stogsdill of Ft. Gibson.

“LREC makes a difference because we are different.  We are member-owned and locally operated.  Members have a voice in how the cooperative is run because they elect the board of directors.  We are accountable to our member-consumers and not to the distant stockholders.  Our rates cover the cost of doing business and are not marked up to generate profit.  And finally, we give money back to our members, when revenues exceed costs.”, said Hamid Vahdatipour, LREC Chief Executive Officer.

LREC is a non-profit rural electric cooperative serving electricity to nearly 25,000 meters in seven counties in northeast Oklahoma, including Cherokee, Wagoner and Muskogee Counties.